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by d.c.l
I'm a full-time piano technician with over 35 years' experience doing concert, recording, home, and institutional service in a major metropolitan area. I own every tuning program available for iPhone, but this is the only one I would consider using professionally. The team of almost two dozen testers seems to have been lifted from a Who's Who of highly regarded techs from around the world. I consistently find that it helps me to tune aurally more accurately, stably, and rapidly, which means I have more time to enhance the sound and feel of my clients' pianos in other ways.

The best!
by ForsytheLewis
This is the most sophisticated piano tuning software in the world. I am biased because I know the developer. He is ahead of the tech curve constantly. He is always upgrading his app developer skills through Apple Training. His tech team is top notch as are his beta testers. It works so well at the highest level of theoretical and practical applications.

CyberTuner iRCT
by Steve Laursen
The best tuning method bar none. I have been tuning for forty years, many different ways, but iRCT is simply the best. It just helps make better tuning. Period. Thanks to all the staff at Reyburn.

Ideal Piano Tuning Solution
by c.k.b tech
I have been waiting for the release of this app for months, and it has met all my expectations. I have a dedicated iPod Touch on which it runs, and can tune for hours without a recharge. Should I happen to forget my iPod, I can still whip out my iPhone and run it from there. The display is easy to view, and the functionality is quite intuitive and logical. With the Concert Mode, I can achieve more accurate and detailed tunings than ever before. It was very easy transferring my tuning records from my older Windows based Pocket PC through iTunes. Highly recommended for the serious technician.
[Editor's note: iRCT 5.0 now also transfers tuning files with email]

Piano Tech.
by Patuner
Love the transition from RCT on my pocket PC to iRCT. I even went and bought an iPad just for the iRCT application. Been using the 4S iPhone had heard about an iPhone application being developed. Can't believe how easy the installation was and the platform is perfect for the RCT. No more cyber fork for A 440 calibration, wonderful. And at age 60 it's nice to have the larger screen on an iPad without the cumbersome weight of a laptop. File shared my saved tunings and the 10 styles files from my Windows Vista PC. And that was even a wonderful experience, everything came over easily and is usable on the new platform. Thanks Reyburn team.

The best ETD on the best platform
by Tunertech
I have this compulsion to carry a backup system with me so I have lugged my old OS9 laptop along since I switched to the iPAQ. Now I can finally retire the laptop (and lighten my load). I think RCT and iOS were made for each other. Great graphics and functionality are just the beginning. If my iPhone gets destroyed somehow, just get a new one, sync it to the desktop and all is restored! Peace of mind - priceless.

by tunermel
I've used CyberTuner since 2003 and the new platform has knocked my socks off. It's clear, fast, accurate. It stays lit and sits well in/on the piano with a rubber skin. I love the help icon. I'm using the iPod touch and am amazed at the battery life compared to prct. Thanks. It has been worth the wait.

RCT for the future!
by skipjones
I've been using RCT, then PRCT since the mid 90's. iRCT has blown me away. The integration with iOS is done to perfection, and it has made tuning fun again. Great job iRCT team!

Tuner/tech for 39 year (ear tuner for 31)
by Cctuner39
I am really enjoying the CyberTuner on my iPhone. There is no comparison between the beautiful, crisp display on the iPhone and that of my old Dell PDA. The speed of the sampling, faster processor, and the concert tune mode are also major improvements. I recommended it highly.

by KeithDDerb
I am new to Reyburn's tuner, but I love it already and it works great on the iPad - easy to see and fits on top of the piano really well with the Apple Cover folded up. The Smart Tune mode sound so much better in the top and bottom octaves than my old tuning!

iRCT has an overall 5 Stars rating. The above are just some of the many reviews of iRCT which can be viewed on Apple's App Store

Reviews for all verisons of RCT from around the world....

o "Using RCT since November, 1998, I have been struck by the developer's passion to make advancement in piano tuning, and truly amazed by RCT's performance. "

-Hiromitsu Watanabe, RPT
Japan Piano Technicians Associations, Hokkaido chapter
Sapporo, Japan

o "Reyburn CyberTuner is still the premier tuning device, and it is so by an even wider margin than ever. In my view RCT is clearly and without question the standard by which other tuning devices must be judged."

-Kent Swafford, RPT
Past President, Piano Technicians Guild
Lenexa, Kansas, USA

o "...using RCT now since 1997, I think everyday about how much you have done for my business. I've been in the piano biz about 20 years, but I consider the day I started using your products as the time my business truly became professional. I can't understand why anyone would use anything but RCT.

-Gordon Large, RPT
Mt. Vernon, Maine, USA

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